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Oz Clarke
Wine Guide

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The Essential Guide to Choosing & Enjoying Wine! Let Oz Clarke help you select the perfect wine for every meal or occasion - from classic wines to exceptional finds at surprisingly affordable prices. This easy-to-use, award-winning Download covers every aspect of choosing, evaluating and enjoying wine.

Find the Perfect Wine for a Meal

The Food and Wine database gives 1,200 suggestions for ideal wine partners for over 600 dishes, from filet mignon to pasta with tomato sauce.


Wine selector database, featuring nearly 10,000 wines
54 'How To' Wine tasting videos
3,500 entry encyclopedia and glossary
35,000 up-to-date vintage recommendations
6,000 individual producers
57 interactive maps

Wine Selector: Use the unique Wine Selector to set your own criteria, such as grape variety, producer, region, style, star rating or food match to find the wine you want instantly from the database of nearly 10,000 wines.

Wine Regions from Around the World: 57 interactive maps take you to the world's great wine-producing regions. Fine out about each region's geography, climate, wines and major producers and discover what gives wine its distinctive character

Improve Your Wine Knowledge: The comprehensive encyclopedia contains 3,500 entries covering wines, producers, regions, grape varieties and technical terms.

How To Videos: Wine Tasting with Oz is a deliciously informative series of videos filled with Oz's personal tips to help you discover nuances in tasting and accessing wines. You'll find what to look for in particular styles as well as how to detect faults in wine.

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