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Chateau Laguiole Mall

The Greatest Ones Should Have the Best

As Featured in GQ Magazine issue of May 1998

Chateau Laguiole and Laguiole Corkscrews Models
 Ebony Balck  Black Horn   Poussier    Brown Horn

Chateau Laguiole- Ebony Handle

Chateau Laguiole- Corn Grise/Black Horn      Chateau Laguiole  Olivier Poussier Chateau Laguiole - Brown Horn
 Silver Plated Olive Wood Stainless  Stamina Red
Chateau Laguiole - Argent - Silver Plated Chateau Laguiole- Olive Wood Handle Chateau Laguiole- Stainless Steel Chateau Laguiole-Stainless Steel Stamina - RED
Tasaki Beaumard  Clef du Vin Oak Barrel
Chateau Laguiole-Tasaki Limited Edition Chateau Laguiole  Eric Beaumard Chateau Laguiole  Clef du Vin Chateau Laguiole - Oak Barrel
 Maplewood  Bernardo  Le Sabre  Laguiole Black
Chateau Laguiole- Maple Wood Handle Chateau Laguiole  Enrico Bernardo Laguiole Saber Laguiole Black Horn Corkscrew

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Located in France on a rocky spur over the Durolle river, the medieval houses of the Old Town section of Thiers are terraced around narrow and sloping streets.  The development of cutlery production here dates to the 15th century. Starting at this time, life in the city became tightly bound to the making of knives. Near the river lived the unskilled workers and blacksmiths, while the craftsmen and cutlery manufacturers were established in the old part of the city.

From the outset, the knife manufacturing process requires the presence of various craft corporations (a minimum of 105 operations are necessary to make a pocket knife): forging, blunting, hardening, polishing and assembly of the parts where the know how of the setter adjusting the pieces is the guarantee of the knife functioning correctly.

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