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Temperature Alarm System

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Temperature Alarm System - Dual Zone Monitoring

A Must For Your Wine Security!  

EnviroAlert® Environmental Monitor - Dual Sensor
      (EA200-12) - (12 VDC Power Option) 

This advanced monitoring and alarm device provides precise monitoring of critical environments
by utilizing an on-board temperature sensor or attaching any one of the remote temperature,
humidity and water sensing probes. Receive dual
sensor coverage from simultaneous operation of the local and remote sensors. If either sensor
being monitored deviates from the preset limits, a relay output sends a signal to an appropriate
warning system.
Monitor two zones with any combination of a remote temperature, humidity or water sensing
probe. If temperatures and humidity deviate from the preset limits or water forms a bridge
between the contacts on the WaterBug® sensor the designated relay for each zone will
activate an alarm, dialer, transmitter, etc.

The Winland EA200 is an EnviroAlert dual zone digital environmental alarm that can be integrated
 with a security system for environmental protection. The EA200 requires power from an alarm
control panel or it can be plugged into an outlet using a power supply (not included). Once powered,
 it can monitor temperature, humidity or water. The EnviroAlert EA200 has a 12VDC and 24VDC
version. If you choose the 12VDC version, you will receive an EA200-12. If you choose the 24VDC
version, you will receive an EA200-24. The EA200-12 is compatible with four different temperature
probes, a humidity probe and two different water probes. The EA200-24 is compatible with all of the
same probes except for the humidity probe.

The actual EA200 EnviroAlert digital environmental alarm is a dual zone device. It can monitor the
ambient temperature of a room without any external probe and it can also be attached to a remote
 probe for temperature, humidity or water detection. The on-board temperature sensor uses the first
zone and has a temperature range of 32 to 122° F. You can program a high and low temperature
limit. Zone two can also be programmed to detect for low and high temperatures, certain humidity
levels or the presence of water using an external probe. When using a remote temperature probe,
the temperature range is -58 to 299° F depending on which probe you use. The humidity probe can
detect 5 to 95% relative humidity. The water sensors are used to protect against flood conditions.
If you are using the Winland EA200 as a standalone environmental alarm, it can be connected to an
audible alarm module so that a buzzer will sound whenever an environmental alarm is detected. You
can also integrate the EA200 with an alarm control panel so that the alarm siren goes off when an
environmental alarm is detected. As it can be integrated with a security system, you can use the
EA200 with an alarm monitoring plan for remote monitoring purposes.
If you use the EA200 EnviroAlertwith the Self Monitoring plan, you can setup your Total Connect account so that you get an email and/ortext message every time an environmental emergency occurs. You can also use the EA200 with a Basic
Monitoring or Monitoring Plus plan so that our UL-listed central station can call your or your call list when an environmental alarm signal is received. Here at Alarm Grid, we don’t charge extra for monitoring environmental sensors so the Winland EA200 EnviroAlert is a good way to get added value out of your monitored security system.

When using the Winland EA200 with a Honeywell security system that has a wireless receiver, you can wire the EA200 to a 5816 wireless transmitter so that it acts as a wireless environmental sensor. You will need to wire the internal contact loop of the 5816 to the zone 1 or zone 2 output on the EA200. The EA200 would detect an environmental alarm using the integrated temperature sensor or a remote probe and that alarm would be transmitted back to your wireless Honeywell security system by the 5816 wireless transmitter. If you wanted to use both zones of the Winland EA200 EnviroAlert, you would have to use two 5816 wireless transmitters. One 5816 would be used for the integrated temperature sensor and the other 5816 would be used for whichever remote probe you connect to the EA200.



  • Simultaneous operation of both zones
  • Defrost time delay up to 120 minutes
  • Easy to read large LCD display
  • Eight event alarm memory with time and date
  • Auxiliary output relay for local audible alarm
  • Auxiliary alarm silence feature with 10 minute timer
  • Each zone has offset calibration adjustment
  • Temperature & humidity Hi / Lo set points
  • Output relays can be configured to be initially energized or de-energized
  • Tamper proof lock setting
  • Snap fit mounting base with main housing for easy access
  • Plug in terminal strip connectors for easier wire termination
  • Zones being monitored are displayed every few seconds
  • Display F°, C°, % (Humidity) or Water Drop icon
  • Zone configuration retained in memory if power is lost
  • Zone configuration retained in memory if power is lost 
  • Dimensions: 6.0” x 4.75 x 1.25
  • Weight: .55 lb
  • Lo & Hi Limit Adjust Range: -58 to +299° F
  • Input Voltage: 12 VDC @ <200mA
  • Number of sensor inputs: 1
  • Unit Operating Range: +32 to +122° F
  • Alarm Outputs: 2 - SPDT Relays (Configurable)
  • Auxiliary Audible Alarm Output: 1 - SPDT Relays
  • (Non-configurable)
  • Case Material: ABS
  • Power Options: 12 VDC, 12 VAC, 24 VDC & 24 VAC   


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