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Arbonne RE9 - Advanced - Get Visible Results in 24hrs

Swiss Skincare & Spa Newsletter

We hope you 'll enjoy our Swisskincare Issue and refer your friends to join us. Anyone that signs up as a "Client" or a Preferred Client" and email us YOUR Name means $$ of discount for you!  If you're on text we'll have a link to go to and view on the web!
This Month's Quotes:
"If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of
being, then I warn you that you'll be unhappy for the rest of your
life." Abraham H. Maslow
Swisskincare - RE9 Special - Her's
Arbonne - RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque 
Our Special with purchase of $100 only
Enhanced formula with gentle cellular exfoliation visibly improves skin tone and texture, minimizes the appearance of pores, and provides skin with an immediate, radiant glow. Use 1-2 times per week at night after cleansing and drying your skin avoiding eye areas. (1.7 fl.oz) - item # 899

SALE Price: $55.00  >>  item # 899
Special available ONLY By email only: Ref # RE9-SSC-899
S&H&Tax: not included -- Website: http://www.swisskincare.com
and click on "shop online
Swisskincare - NutriMenC special - His
Arbonne NutriMenC RE9 Our NutriMenC set is for that special Man in your life! enjoy a 20% discount!

Our Price: $110.00  
SRP Price: $130.00
S&H&Tax:   not included
By email only: Ref # NutriMenC RE9-0643  

         Arbonne Men's Travel Bag
Get the Toiletry Travel Bag FREE  
(shown here and subject to availibility)

 Check more specials - Scroll down!

Let us know if there is anything you want to know or concerns if we can we will gladly address.
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http://www.allgiftsonline.com/zencart and click on the "Hot Picks" Newsletter top right in the "Important Links".  

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Arbonne on-Hand Inventory 
(while supply last 10% - 35% off list price - both retail & specials as listed)
These items qualify for listed discounts below!
1075  Match Perfect Oil-Free Foundation SPF 8 (Dark) $20 for $13.00 
Fresheners for Normal/Dry Skin (2 left)  $19 for $15.00
2 Arbonne Bio-Nutria - Fiber Shakes packets  $5.00/both
Hybrids for Adults  $129 on special for $84.00
310 - Bio Hydria Hydrating Masque - $29.50 for $20.00 
7027 Flowers "Cream Sachet" (1oz) - $24.00 for $16.00  
392 - NutriMinC® Body Primer with Bio-Hydria® $31 special $20  
370 - NutriMinC® Night Cream with Bio-Hydria® $62 special $40 
NutriMinC® Moisture Repair Set $72.00 (Body Primer and Body Finish)  products with Bio-Hydria® - on special for $47.00

Lipsticks  $16.50 for $11.00 -- Twig [c] and Razzberry [c]  Bravo [N] Honey Do [W]

Body Lotion $15.00 for $10.00 
Extra Strength Mask [Norm/Comb] $17.50 for $11.25  - 1 left!  

NutriMinC RE9 Products:
RElease Deep Pore Cleansing Masque - $32.00 on special for $24

REveal Facial Scrub - $32.00 on special for $24

Herbal Foot Care  
Intelligence Herbal Foot Care (Travel Size) - $6.00 for $4.50 (5 left)
1077 - About Face Cream Concealer/Medium - $20 for $16

2327 Sweet Frostings Color Palette for Lips & Eyes $40 for $32

NutriMenC RE9   (only products listed)
7053  Sky for Men Shave Gel  $18.00 for $15.00
Liquid Foundation with SPF15 - 5C (1064) $36 for $30.00 

F.Y. I. Line  
7602 - Get Even with SPF 15 - Medium    $18 for $14.00
F.Y. I. Line  
EyeQ - Cream Eye Shadow - Prom Queen  $10 for $7.00
EyeQ - Cream Eye Shadow - Dramatic  $10 for $7.00
EyeQ - Cream Eye Shadow - Best Dressed $10 for $7.00
EyeQ - Cream Eye Shadow - Hi School Sweetheart  $10 for $7.00 
EyeQ - Cream Eye Shadow - Quarterback  $10 for $7.00
EyeQ - Cream Eye Shadow - Sheer Genius  $10 for $7.00

F.Y. I. Line   
ItShines Lip Gloss - Vogue    $10 for $7.00
ItShines Lip Gloss - Diva       $10 for $7.00
7070  Ginger Citrus Body Wash (12 oz)  $22.00 for $18.00
492    Intelligence Cleansing Gel - 18oz -  $28.00 for $22.50
495    Intelligence Herbal Foot Cream - 1.8oz -  $6.00/each for $4.80
Intelligence Exfoliating Masque with Thermal Fusion $32 for $25.00 
1340  Eclipse Eye Pencil  (black)  $10.00 for $8.00 
FC5 Line - Mattifying Powder $25 on special for $20.00
6323   Virtual Illusion Lash Enhancer  $35.00 for $28.00
9684   Shea Butter - Hand & Body Care Duo  $39.50 for $32.00
F.Y. I. Line - Sugar Slush 
Products - Save $4 on shipping and up to 20% on products
In short there is something for everyone and if you don't see something and would like to know if you could get a discount on your favorite product check out the coupon below - Add $aving of $4.00+ on Shipping

7311 -  Sugar Slush -  Mysterious    $22.00 for $18.00
7308 -  Sugar Slush -  Flirtious        $22.00 for $18.00
7313 -  Sugar Slush -  Vivacious      $22.00 for $18.00
7307 -  Sugar Slush - Ambitious      $22.00 for $18.00
F.Y. I. - Wash&Wear
Body Washes:leaves skin ultra clean so you can wash up and wear out the door. Green tea and clover leave you feeling motivated and determined ready to face the world. FYI is not -- but short for "For Young Individuals!)
F.Y. I. Line - Wash & Wear!
7304 - Wash & Wear - Mysterious  $16.00 for  $13.00
7308 - Wash & Wear - Flirtious      $16.00 for  $13.00
7307 - Wash & Wear - Ambitious   $16.00 for  $13.00
7315 - Wash & Wear - Vivacious    $16.00 for  $13.00
New!  F.Y.I.  Products + Save $4 on shipping

7301  Personal Space Spray Fragance - Ambitous   $20 for 18.00 
7300  Personal Space Spray Fragance - Flirtious     $20 for 18.00 
7302  Personal Space Spray Fragance - Mysterious $20 for 18.00 
SeaSource Spa Products
7319  Sea Mud Face and Body Mask  $45.00 for $40.00 
7321  Fortifying Hair Mask  $30.00 for $27.00
7322  RE-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24H  $50.00 for $45.00
7320  Detoxifying Rescue Wash  $40.00 for $36.00
7318  Sea Source Purifying Sea Soak  $60.00 for $54.00
7318 Purifying Sea Soak (available as single packet) great if you want to try before buying the whole box of 8?  buy one for $8.00/ea (no discount on this)
Hybrids Vitamins

am offering 4 different plans: (prices include S&H+Tax)
3 day supply for $15.95 (4 days)
4 day supply for $20.00  (5 days)
5 day supply for $24.50 (6 days) 
6-day supply for $29.00
email us at specials@swiss-skincare.com if interested! be sure to mention Ref # AGOLM-SSC
 Arbonne SeaSource Spa Set
Feature Promotion
 Detox Spa
Renewal Set   
This comprehensive set includes Foaming Sea Salt Scrub, 5-in-1 Essential Massage Oil, Detoxifying Rescue Wash, Sea Mud Face & Body Mask, Purifying Sea Soak, Fortifying Hair Mask, Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24H and Renewing Body Gelée, plus the Dry Body Brush and SeaSource Detox Spa Brochure. Eight beneficial products, a $367.80 value, exclusively yours for just $225 (subject to availibility)
Our Price: $260.00
List Price: $367.80
Item # 7218-7218

Spa Express Set 
  Valued at $197.50   
Our Price: $153.00
List Price: $207.00
Item # 9890

 Sky for Men Gift Set
Our Price: $70.00
List Price: $77.00
item # 3056
(available by email order only)

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