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Swapping Mommies

Our Facebook Group and/or page is about "sharing" our products or services so that we get to know what each other has to offer. Normally it is a "Monthly" purchase whereas 1-3-4 Consultants are COM (Consultants of the Month) -- currently however due to the economy we have "suspended the required purchase but if you see something that interest you please consider one of our "member" companies and let us know because it will be "logged" in and "applied" whenever we start over.
When APPLYING please EMAIL us WHICH COMPANY You REPRESENT and/or the WEB Address of Your Business ... If your Facebook profile shows nothing to that effect YOU WILL NOT BE APPROVED, NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are a "conflicting" company with the list owners you will not be approved either.
We have had some VERY weird requests so it is absolutely important to state that this group is NOT about swapping wives or husbands but swapping products or services for small businesses and direct sales or sole proprietorship. Please do not waste our time nor yours if you plan to join under a nasty kind of topic this is NOT the venue for it and you won't be approved!
For now we will concentrate on "Facebook" -- We will be having the "Ladder Magic" on the 2nd Sunday/Monday of each Month ONLY which means you are welcome to LIKE other businesses any other time but you can ONLY post yours on the SECOND Sunday/Monday of each month.
Just follow the rules listed on the picture BELOW: click "like" + "comment" (which will show you all that already have participated in the LOM) below the picture of ladder magic) --- we have added a couple of ours so you see how it works then it is up to you whether you want to do this or not! Happy "banner" swapping!

You will be notified once the Group resumes the program -- it is not expected for 1-2 yrs from now

We have monthly min purchase of $5 or $15 before S&H&Tax - your choice: monthly, quarterly bi-monthly or discount groups.

Refer new Members they will purchase from you their 2nd Month!

Be current for 4-6 consecutive months to be COTM!

Consultants MUST accept/pay via Paypal, RME or credit cards.

Your Participation is mandatory! Most Direct Sales Companies accepted...

The Group is for SERIOUS Swappers ONLY please!

If you don't purchase or leave you will be removed from ALL our Groups and reported. If needed be ASK questions BEFORE you join.

When applying List your full name and ALL companies you rep for current/past and/or [in]active within one year so to speed up the process.

You are NOT allowed to change Yahoo ID - You CAN change emails.


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