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Rogar Parts

 Parts for Rogar Wine Openers



Technical & Parts

Please contact us by email or Text 832-641-3891 only for
Questions or use our VoiceMail 281-496-5855 or Visit our  Parts Sketch
  Page to purchase online
[it will open to a FULL page easy for you to locate your part]
 Please payment ONLY via the Paypal with any credit card!
 Your Model:  shiny, mat or silver? look at the pictures below!
Champion  Estate
Antique Pewter
Nickel Plated  Bronze
Clamp Set - Antique Pewter Clamp Set - Nickel Plated Clamp Set - Antique Bronze
   Not shinny - Gun metal        - shinny/silver look -                  Antique
Champion Champion Estate
Antique Pewter Nickel-Plated Antique Bronze

Attention regarding the Clamp Sets

Please be advised that Antique Bronze (item #260B) is currently exhausted and the "possible" ETA is for this summer.
The Antique Pewter (item # 260A) is not available - hasn't been since 2012
The Nickel Plated (260N) or Silver Plated (260S) or Vintage (260V) are not available and there is no ETA
if you want to use your wine opener in the meantime we suggest you get the Antique Bronze (item # 260B) and keep it as a backup once your item becomes available again. Supply is limited as well so hurry to get yours!
You are welcome to email us for more current status - please no calls as we would need to get the list thus we won't have the info readily available for you. 


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