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Purifying Mist®

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Purifying Mist®
Purify and Eliminate Odors! 
FreeLife's dual-action Purifying Mist® gives you two purposes in one! Its both a room deodorizer and odor neutralizer. Now you can safely purify your environment without chemical disinfectants. Purifying Mist® uses are unlimited.

? Excellent for eliminating kitchen and bathroom odors
Use to freshen musty or smoky rooms, fabrics, furniture, etc.
Spray on hands to remove odors from onions, etc.
Use to purify counters, baby toys, pets areas, and shoes
Also excellent for use in cars

Purifying Mist® is the safest way to effectively eliminate odors without synthetic odor neutralizers and masking fragrances. Unlike other indoor air polluting room sprays, Purifying Mist® contains NO harmful chemicals such as: chlorine, quaternary compounds, triclosan, or nasal-numbing agents.

CAUTION: Safe on most fabrics when used as directed. Avoid soaking colored or sensitive fabrics (such as silk which may water spot). Test a small area of fabric that cannot be seen before using.


Natural Ingredients

Bio-Enhanced Grapefruit Seed Extract? (BGSE®)
Stabilized Oxygen
Oleic Fatty Acid (vegetable-derived)
and a trace amount of Lavender Essential Oil


Suggested Usage: Mist over any area. Allow surface to dry before reapplying if treating more difficult odors or areas.

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