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Laguiole Saber



    The "Napoleon" Saber


These pieces of work are great for getting a clean slice on the necks of champagne bottles with one swing. The only way to open champagne at weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, inaugurations and private events. Laguiole Sabers are hand-crafted since 1850 in southern France. They are designed by a knife and corkscrew designer.

Made in France with a lifetime warranty

Each blade receives a trademark which guarantees its authenticity and its connection.  Available in Blue, Green, Maple, MahoganyWood Box included. (colors are limited to on hand stock unless it is on special order and that may take 1-2 months since it would come from France). The color mostly available is a very dark green. These Sabers are minimized replicate of original Saber used by the Hussard (French Cavalerie) to celebrate their victory by cutting off the neck of the Champagne bottle, which become (for special occasions) in France the terms of  Sabrer le Champagne.   

Description:  Champagne Saber  
Dimensions: Stainless Steel Blade 10.5" long x 1.5" Wide                       290.00 EUR
Engraved Wood Handle 6" long x 3/4" thick

Saber Display Case: 45.00 EUR:  Wood and Glass Display Case for Saber, Available in matching colors with saber. (please inquire as these are not readily available at all times).

Please feel free to check out the exchange rate at:
Dec/Jan  2008  - 290 EURO was $399.95
Sept/Oct 2009  - 290 EURO  is   $426.00
Price listed include S&H ($39.00) within Contiental USA (48 States) and Sales Tax ($33.00)


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  • Model: REF. SC70 Champagne Saber

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