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Himalayan Goji Juice!


The Himalayan Health Secret?
The World's Most Powerful Anti-Aging Food

It is said that the Himalayans were the first natural healers, and that they shared their wisdom with the ancient herbalists of China, Tibet, and India. Their prized secret was the fruit of the native goji vine, which had been flourishing in the Himalayan valleys since the beginning of time.

If you have not yet heard of goji, you are not alone. While it has occupied an important place in traditional Asian medicine for countless generations, the secrets of its nutritional benefits have remained a mystery to most of the world.

FreeLife® is the first company to perfect a difficult and demanding proprietary extraction process and create the only standardized form of this incredible plant available in the world today: Himalayan Goji® Juice.

Not All Goji Is Created Equal

There are many varieties of goji ? as many as 41 species in Tibet alone! In the same way that human fingerprints can be used to distinguish one person from another, a spectrometer can detect even subtle differences between berries at the molecular level. This technique results in the generation of a graph ? a Spectral Signature.

FreeLife® is the only company in the world to have developed a Spectral Signature to identify, isolate, and harvest only those special goji berries with the exact nutrient profile of the legendary goji from the Himalayas.

One-Of-A-Kind Master Molecules

Goji?s four unique polysaccharides, or phytonutrient compounds, work in the body as directors and carriers of the instructions that cells use to communicate with each other. These polysaccharides are ?Master Molecules? that command and control many of the body?s most important defense systems.

Goji of Himalayan quality exhibits a balanced polysaccharide profile and a uniquely potent Spectral Signature. It is the true descendant of the original goji of legend.

100% Goodness In Every Bottle, Every Time - Guaranteed

- Proprietary, 100% natural juice product
- Never any added sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors
- Proprietary extraction technology to protect goji?s delicate, yet powerful nutrients
- Exclusive recipe and chill-blending technology
- Standardized to deliver a consistently high level of perfectly balanced and fully active polysaccharides
- Made with berries that exhibit the ideal Himalayan Spectral Signature
- Each bottle is 1 liter

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