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Complaint Patrol

The Complaint Patrol

We thought we would help out our clients by pointing out a few companies that we and others have/had BAD experiences with so that you will be careful while dealing with them if needed be and keep a sharp eye on.

WebMenu.com  -- we had a subscription with them for 15 months and we went off air 6 months later. They are not easy to reach and we're going to take them to court if needed be.

ASM Business -- doing business and/or representing WebMenu. They don't even have their address on the website nor in the whois whois directory just an 800 number.

PattyMouseDesigns -- web designer she did good work but did not finish and got paid for the work. Do NOT pay her upfront for similar work pay as you go that way you can't get caught. It is in the hands of our attorney as well.

INeedHits.com -- outfit that do submit to search engines. They put you on a subscription and there is never a notice as what your subscription needs/will renew just a charge on your credit card with no telephone and very hard to reach and/or find how to contact them. Be sure if signing with them to note all specifics and/or when renewal is due and that they are a day ahead as all is based on THEIR local time not yours. Australia.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage -- in calling your financial institution you should be able to believe what they are telling you. If you do with WFHM you will be in a HEAP of trouble! they practice what is called "deceptive trade practice" and lie to you all day long! they offer absolutely NO customer service!



If you would like your complaint to be included here please email us at service@imagifts.com with in subject line "The Complaint Patrol"

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