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Come Clean with Mr. Orange®

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COME CLEAN with Mr. Orange®
Super concentrated Mr. Orange® is the perfect everyday cleaner for everything from small jobs?cleaning the stovetop after cooking?to even the toughest jobs, such as removing heavy grease from the driveway. With FreeLife's proprietary, all natural, non-petroleum formula, cleaning is now as safe as it is effective. You can rest assured that you won't be exposing your family to any toxic "untouchables" when you put Mr. Orange® to work for you!

100% plant-based, Mr. Orange® is made from whole Valencia oranges and contains the purifying power of BGSE® (Bio-Enhanced Grapefruit Seed Extract®). This unique, citrus combination is all natural with a citrus scent to make your home smell great! Mr. Orange® can be used at various strengths to accomplish all of your home cleaning needs. 


Stains & Grease:
Full strength
Use full strength when needed on heavy grease, tar, crayon marks, oil spills on driveways, etc. Leave on for a minute, scrub if necessary, and rinse well. Wear gloves.

Tough Jobs:
Mix 1:10 ratio
Add 1 oz. with 10 oz. of water for fingerprints, spills, patio decks, heavy soiled carpet & upholstery, etc. Leave on for a minute, scrub if necessary, and rinse.

Mix 1:20 ratio
Add 1 oz. with 20 oz. of water for showers, grout, dirty cabinets, hard surfaces, etc. Scrub if necessary, and wipe clean.

Light Cleaning:
Place one capful of Mr. Orange® in a gallon bucket of water for general cleaning (floors, interior and exterior of cars, walls, etc.). Wipe clean.


Mr. Orange® can be used to:

-  Scrub your shower and bathroom 
-  Remove stains on carpets and upholstery 
-  Clean your kitchen and appliances
- Take off grease and tough stains
-  Make your floors shine
-  Clean your patio, deck, and driveway
-  Remove crayon and ink marks

Mr. Orange® contains a proprietary blend of biodegradable, all natural, plant and sugar-based cleansing agents, BGSE concentrate, and pure citrus oils including whole Valencia orange essential oil.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. If accidental ingestion occurs, contact a physician immediately. If contents get into eyes, flush thoroughly with water.

You get the 8.8oz Bottle as your product.

S&H included within Continental USA - Sales Tax due in all States except those who do not collect sales tax (select from drop down menu below).

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