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About Wine - Quality is patience. 

A fine wine is not the result of mere chance but rather the culmination of patience.Like music, wine is an art of the time. Time for a bud, a flower, a fruit. When the vintage season arrives, it requires ceaseless attention from the wine dresser. Then, it's time for the maturation process to take place in the darkness of the storehouse.

Do you know that it takes at least 2 years to make a fine vintage? During that precious time, the wine slowly rids itself of all impurities, grows rich in tannin and receives constant care to be at the top of its strength and aptitude during the bottling.

Now it's time for the wine and its future taster to meet. Future, yes, because this masterpiece will not surrender its secret flavor unless it has been kept in the right cellar...

Patience of its maker. Patience of its buyer.
 With Bacchus, your investment is worth your patience.
Be wise, give your wines a "Château life"! 
You Can! Treat your wine as a "VIP"

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