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"I've know Richard for many years while he still was living in Brussels (Belgium) and had a 9-5 job (in the "Advertising Field") like every other person.... now neither him and his wife or for that matter myself live in Belgium .... all 3 of us live in the Americas .... himself in South America and myself in North America......  I didn't know his love for photography but I'm surely not surprised!
He learned  photography about 60 years ago and always brought his cameras along while traveling more specifically so when they were globe trotting.  He likes to share the wonders he found along the way which amounts to quite a collection having traveled for 50 yrs!
Recently, with his wife Catherine they were invited at the EG conference in Monterey, California. There, we talked about their 20 years trip around planet earth on board an expedition vehicle  which in itself is quite impressive ... I assure you have never seen anything like it and if he was to come to your town when you see it you would know it was them!
He discovered liking in particular to feature the skies at twiglight..... climbing up to 15.000 ft where the colors are the purest... watching the skies when the sun goes down,... waiting for some "special effects" in the clouds....  Sometimes his efforts pay off when magic happens and he calls this Celestial Extravaganza.

Richard has many talents but here we are concentrating on his love for photography and he considers himself as an artist that loves to add a philosophical point of view to «his» creations.
Between himself and his clientele something happens such as  complicity and harmony of thoughts,.... Zen and inner peace.
A stylish little present that means something;

When you are invited to any “party“ what do you bring with you as a gift? 
In  the right season, some splendid flowers?
In winter a bottle of excellent pure malt? ... or a good DVD or some classical music CD's ?   
Unfortunately,  as fabulous as they are flowers will fade...  The pure Malt will stay in the bar or this bottle will be empty soon, etc...

 Have you ever thought to offer a "breathtaking photography"?  Yes! a photography that has a meaning .... A photography that makes you think....  A symbolic image.... A metaphor?

Let's say,  your friend’s son is 17, he doesn't know where he is going in life.  You offer him the photography and it might make him think that "The path is more important than the  destination".  This photography has a deep message that will remain in his room.... it is metaphoricaly like " Life is a trip".....   He will understand that -he is-himself the "Creator of his own Life" or he might "Take the path to discover life" ....  Give him the "instinct of Move on Forward" ,.. instead of being tired of watching other people's lives on the TV screen! 
The Path is more important than the destination
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