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  • Model: 410 - Hot Picks Subscription
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What do I get for My Subscription?
- Your ad will be published 2-4 times a month on several of our lists and others we  belong to with a readership of around 80,000 subscribers.
- if you want to advertise for the Holidays on our and/or our page - you will have preferred rates and/or  free advertising.
- You will get preferred rates on our Shopping Extravaganza soon to be in September we add and/or rename it the "Holiday"  Shopping Extravaganza our page is located at
- We may have other perks coming up and if so we will let you know! if you have any suggestions please feel free to submit to us at
-  Those choosing the annual subscriptions will be featured on our site as well at least for the time being! also you will get one EXTRA Month FREE!
Regular Rates:   (Jan - Jul - Aug - Sept)
- $9.0o per quarter             - $16.50 per 6 months                  
- $30.oo per year
Holiday Rates: (Feb/ Mar /Apr /May /June /Oct /Nov /Dec)
- $4.75 per month                           -$13.5o for 3 months
- $24.00 per 6 months                  -$38.oo per year
click here to email us if you are interested and we will send you an Invoice.  *Applies to months of October, November, December, February, March, April, May and June. The $38.00 in the drop down menu is for ONE Year including all PEAK Season Months. Sign up this month and get one extra FREE Month thus your Ad is $2.93/month! The Owners reserve the right to adjust prices as per peak months. For extra exposure you will get a break if you want to advertise on our subscription click here for details. 

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